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At EvolveSafe we focus on Food Safety & Food Service Development. We work as partners to keep your customers safe and happy, while helping to maintain and enhance your company's brand image. There are always challenges in the food industry, but EvolveSafe will help you and your team master and control the health and food safety aspect of your operations.   


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Thank you to everyone over at Evolvesafe, you guys are awesome. We passed all of our health inspection scores at all our locations this year. Our staff are so excited because all the info and training you guys gave really paid off! See you all soon!
— Jan, Director Multi-unit food service
Without Evolvesafe’s help and guidance, we would have been out of business a long time ago. They helped us master food safety knowledge, clean up our style and helped us make our restaurant more welcoming with their great ideas.
— Bill, Restaurant Owner

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We are not outsiders, we are part of your company and team. Your growth and success is our success. If there is any aspect we observe where we can help correct your company in health, food safety and brand protection, we at EvolveSafe will do our very best to ensure we guide you into the right direction.